The Smart Buyer’s Guide to Secondhand Storage Containers

Logistics | Posted by Crystal Powers
Jun 12 2015

Storage containers are built for durability; hence, secondhand containers can be perfectly acceptable alternatives to brand new ones. When buying secondhand, keep in mind that the determining factor for the price is often the container’s age and condition. There are several ways to determine the age of the storage container.

First is to check the door. In the early 90’s, manufacturers have ceased manufacturing flat doors in favor of corrugated versions. If a container has flat doors, then chances are they are much older models. The second way to determine a container’s age is by checking its CSS plate in which you’ll find its manufacturing date. Think of the CSS plate as the container’s passport, which is necessary in order to transport it internationally.

If you are buying the container for shipping purposes, remember that it must have a valid CSS plate. It is common for used containers to have expired CSC plates. If this is the case, determine whether the seller will be able to renew them.

storage containerBuying a newer container does not necessarily guarantee that it is in a better shape. The condition of the container is affected by several major factors such as the number of miles it has traveled, the environment and the handling. Some portable storage cubicles may have been used a lot for moving cargo while some may have spent more time in ports.

Naturally, a container, which has travelled in extreme climates, will manifest more wear and tear. Careless handling by forklift operators causes internal and external damages on the containers. Another factor that can greatly influence the state of the container is the cargo that has been previously stored inside it.

Storage containers that have been utilized once for cargo and then sold are called “one-trip” containers. Consider purchasing one if you are after an “almost new” condition. However, it would be wise to manage your expectations and anticipate the presence of scratches and scuffs. A “factory paint” label means that a container has been newly painted as opposed to being refurbished.

When a container has been refurbished, it often means that the flaking rust has merely been concealed. If so, then it is only a matter of time before the paint begins to peel and the holes start to appear.

Storage containers that are meant to be used frequently must have doors that can be closed and opened with ease. When buying used containers, be sure to check the locking mechanism yourself. Certify that the handles for unlocking the storage container and the vertical rods used for locking them are not bent.

Inspect the hinges as well and determine if the doors swing smoothly. Don’t forget to test both doors. The container’s roof must be checked from the inside for dents. If possible, go on top of the roof and examine it there. Keep an eye out for areas that may collect water and subsequently cause rusting.

Storage containers should have intact gaskets that seal up firmly. When buying used ones, you will sometimes find that a piece of the outer gasket has been removed. In this case, make sure that the internal gasket remains undamaged in order to ensure a watertight seal. Remember that rust often develops where the gasket and the door is connected.

One way to determine whether a container is genuinely watertight is by locking yourself inside it in broad daylight. By doing this, you’ll be able to see even the small holes on the container. Also, beware of holes hiding beneath surface rust.

Learning these simple tips will not just prevent you from wasting time and money on a sub-quality product. It will also help you in preparing for necessary maintenance needs when you buy a secondhand container.

Other Ways to Use Lanyards Around the House

Product | Posted by Lynn Moody
May 26 2015

Lanyards are normally associated with the office or school. They come in all forms and sizes and can even be customized to include the company name and logo. Lanyards hold the IDs of employees or students that contain important information and access to the facilities that are off limits to outsiders. However, there are other places where you can use a lanyard. Your house is one of them.

Here are some ways to use a lanyard around the house:

LanyardsKeychains – To make a keychain out of a lanyard, request from the seller a lanyard with a shorter length, around 5 inches long. Personalize it by adding your name and number so that in case you lose it, the person who found it would know who to call. Use a key ring at the end of the lanyard and put in all your keys. You can also make the lanyard longer so you can wear them around your neck like an ID. That way, you do not fumble for your keys in your pocket or purse.

Compact Camera Holder – When you are out on a vacation and want your hands to be free to hold other things, but you want to keep your camera within easy reach, a lanyard can do the job for you. Use a lanyard that has thicker size, try 1 inch or more, and a secure carabinger hook at the end to hold your camera. It will free your hands to do anything while keeping your camera close to you for a quick snap. Do not use a lanyard for heavier DSLR cameras. These cameras have specialized camera straps that are more appropriate for your DSLRs.

Cellphone Holder – This normally works for phones without casings. If you are one of those people who prefer to put their phones inside pouch-like containers instead of casings, lanyards can help you bring your phone with you without it bulking up your pockets. Hang it over your neck using a lanyard that has your personal detail so that it can be returned to you in case it gets lost. Match the color of the lanyard to the color of the phone pouch or use a contrasting color to make it more unique.

Hair Barrette and Clip Organizer – If you have a small room and have very little storage, a lanyard can help you keep your barrettes and clips organized. Hang it near your mirror or vanity so that it is clearly visible when you need a quick clip. Get it in cute colors like pink or yellow for your little kids. Cute designs and even cartoon characters can even be printed on the lanyard. Use it to hold hairpins. Bring the whole lanyard along when your child has an event that requires lots of hairpins. You can sling it around your neck as you arrange your child’s hair.

Display Children’s Art – Get colorful lanyards with a bulldog clip at the end and hang children’s art over a hook. This is an economical pay to display children’s art rather than buying expensive frames. Change the artwork weekly, even daily because it is so easy to use.

Door Sign – Another creative way to use lanyards is to make a door sign out of it. Use vertical or horizontal badge holders and slip in any message you want to write. Get creative and slip in “keep out” or “do not disturb signs” on your door. If vertical or horizontal badge holders are too small to write on, hang a lightweight white board at the end of the lanyard and write longer messages or drawings. You can also use the door sign as decoration in a dorm.

The Truth about Homes for Sale in Long Island NY

Real Estate | Posted by Jonathan Jose
Apr 07 2015

Suffolk County is located on the middle and easternmost side of Long Island, New York. This county is known for its suburban homes whose households each have a median annual income of $90,000. It is important to note that traditionally/technically, Long Island had 4 counties. They are Nassau, Suffolk, Brooklyn, and Queens. However, most individuals regard the last two as boroughs of New York. Therefore, when a resident speaks of Long Island, most likely he only refers to Suffolk and Nassau Counties.

long island real estate brokerThis article will discuss the truth about homes for sale in Long Island NY, particularly in Suffolk County. The discussion will focus on market values, location, demographics, and other factors. Useful tips will also be provided.

Brand New Homes

The median selling price for brand new homes for sale in Long Island NY, particularly in Suffolk County, is around $293,000. This value has held steady for more than a year now. The median household income for homeowners in Suffolk is a bit hazy. Some experts say it is around $55,000 while others say it is more akin to Nassau which is $93,000. To be on the safe side, just consider $75,000 the average. If you are earning this much annually and you have regular expenses, then chances are you can afford a home here!

Foreclosure Homes

There are also known as distressed properties. Depending on the location, you can actually get hefty foreclosure discounts. For example, Bronx locations average 14.1% foreclosure discounts whereas Albany can go as high as 47% in foreclosure discounts. On average, though, Suffolk County has a 31.8% foreclosure discount rate.

Tip: Bear in mind that most foreclosure homes for sale in long island real are fixer-uppers. On average, you add 10%-20% to the purchase price. However, if you make your own renovations, chances are you will increase the value of the property.


Suffolk is covered by Long Island’s extensive public transport system. This includes but is not limited to:

• Mass Transportation Authority (MTA)

• Long Island Railroad System

• Subway

• Long Island Expressway

• Southern State Parkway

• Northern State Parkway

• A decent bus line

County Necessities

Suffolk County is a highly developed metropolitan/suburban area. As such, you can find plenty of places to shop, an adequate police force, a dozen hospitals, and 656 schools (public). They also have little ethnic communities. These are areas wherein individuals with the same nationalities congregate and thus conduct business.


Long Island is home to many underdeveloped beaches. Others have been developed, but to date, only the locals know of this secret hideaway. Some of them even have white sand. Suffolk is also the county with the most standing lighthouses.

Tip: You have two options here. You can hire a broker (online or by referral) or you can go on a weekend trip and explore Suffolk County. Before you make your final decision, conduct a personal inspection of the place. Don’t let the broker chat you up or let your family distract you on the way. You want to make sure that the road to and from your top pick, as well as the neighborhood, is to your liking.

In Closing

Suffolk County has plenty to offer for a single professional or a full household. All you really need is take the time to go there and explore. Try going there during weekends, and take advantage of the weekend or Sunday market!

Long island real estate broker is the one which can find you the best real estete property.

Bring a Sturdy Golf Bag in Your Game: Stand Bags

Sports | Posted by Anthony Olson
Apr 01 2015

Golf is about hitting that ball with combined force, concentration, precision, and luck in an attempt to have few strokes. Landing it to the putting green and shooting it to those holes is a glory for a golfer. To professionals or amateur players, a birdie or an albatross is a good thing. But this is hard to achieve especially when the ball is affected by the strength of air current. The ball may fall in a direction that the golfer does not expect. You may bring the cart but it might be hard to drive it especially when the terrain is not that good. Walking is the best solution. Carrying a staff bag or a cart bag may become a hindrance due to their weight. But a sturdy golf bag can be a solution – the stand bags.

If a player prefers to walk along the course, the stand bag is the best golf bag to be suggested. It is lightweight as compared to cart and staff bags. It can serve the purpose of the two bags at once. It has pockets to keep a golfer’s equipment organized. The stand bag has two retractable legs that make it efficient to bring along the course while walking. These legs allow the bag to stand upright, hence the name. The bag allows easy access to the golf clubs during the game. Cart golf bags and staff golf bags are designed to stand upright on flat surfaces but stand bags’ retractable legs allow them to be put upright into any terrain.

Golf BagsSome stand bags are designed with straps for easy carrying and to evenly distribute the tension to both shoulders. If the player has a bad back, then the stand bag is the best choice for him. The bag has a weight of five pounds. Because it is easy to bring and has retractable legs suited for any non-flat terrain, it lessens the chance of bending to pick up those clubs. Clubs are prone to damage when they are laid in the ground. Having a stand bag gives lease chance to damages. It can also serve the purpose of a cart bag. It can be strapped into the riding carts or pull carts. But the legs should be checked so that it will not be damaged.

In terms of stamina, the golfer can save more energy with stand golf bags. Because it weighs lighter than staff bags and cart bags, stand bags are much preferred by those players who experience terrible back pains. It is also easier to carry. It can be attached to the riding cart or carried manually with least effort exerted as compared to the staff and cart bags. This bag is more versatile as compared to the other two.

On space optimization, stand bags are the least among the three. It offers limited space for the golf clubs. Although it has enough pockets to organize and hold game accessories, it will require a player to have those golf accessory bags. The player might have a golf shoe bag to contain those pair of shoes or a quiver carry bag to hold for other golf clubs or accessories.

If walking is the best way to finish that golf course game, then having a stand bag for your equipment is the next best thing. A player can easily reach where his golf ball landed with stand bags. It can be put on different terrains and is handy all over the game. No more running back and forth to get those clubs and markers. Golf bags can save you energy, protect your equipment, and can be more versatile than other bags.

How to Become a Memorable Motivational Speaker

Motivation | Posted by Sue Reilly
Mar 26 2015

Not all good speakers are memorable. Not all memorable speakers are good. Why not have both if you can? Here are five tips to become a memorable motivational speaker:

1. Show your personality.

People love a motivational speaker who is true to himself. They love him not only for his speech but for his likeable personality on stage. That is what you call charisma.

Motivational SpeakerWhen you try to hide your personality for the sake of displaying an air of formality, strictness, or authority, you lose the personal touch that could have helped you connect not only as a speaker, but as a person. In the end, you become less effective because you do not deliver naturally.

Don’t compromise your personality. Let the audience love you for what you are. Use your humor if that is the style you want to establish. Be acerbically candid if that is your personality. Let the audience choose whether they want you or not because at the end of the day, those who want you will support you and those who hate you will find someone else to listen to.

2. Tap the audience’s emotions.

People remember well when they are touched emotionally by a motivational speaker. Your goal is not to share a funny anecdote; rather, it is to make them laugh. Your goal is not to tell a heartwarming story; rather, it is to make them teary-eyed. Your goal is not to make an argument; rather, it is to convince them to take action. There is a whole range of emotions that you can tap into, but you should only do it to make your message clearer.

3. Act big with your presentation.

Why not act big with your presentation if you have all the means in the first place: a good and flexible material, capable devices in the venue, and enough time to do a visually appealing presentation? Big presentations, when done at the right moment and the right way, can make you stand out in the audience’s memories.

Acting big does not mean presenting a speech with annoying exaggeration. It only means using all the resources available to make your delivery clearer and more fun.

4. Stay on site a little longer.

A motivational speaker who leaves the venue right after delivery loses the chance to reinforce the impression he gave during his speech. The audience expects a speaker to be approachable, so they can be easily disappointed when they see that he hurryingly gets out of sight.

There are a lot of reasons to stay a little longer in the venue. There are a lot of other after-speech activities to be held to make a lasting impression. For example, you can hold a book-signing session if you are a published author. You can personally sell items to those who want to take home souvenirs. You can talk to random audience members to establish your image as approachable and friendly. It only takes one mouth to spread the news to dozens of other people.

You can also give free consultation to your audience. Maybe some of them want to talk with you for another speaking engagement. There are a lot of opportunities that you might be missing by leaving too early.

5. Meet the audience before you start.

It is easier for a motivational speaker to make an amicable impression when he mingles with the audience before he starts. The audience have less tendency to show prejudice when they have already established a connection with you, whether it was through a short chit-chat or a warm handshake. You can also use this time to get additional information about their problems, preferences, and experiences, which you can use as your future material.

6. Wrap up with a quick list.

The audience won’t remember everything you say, which is why it is important to give a rundown as you end your speech. This can be a quick summary of the topics you discussed or a list of keywords you want them to remember.

Top 5 Celebrity Funerals

Society | Posted by Mark Hale
Mar 12 2015

When people go to a funeral (Knoxville TN), you’d expect a casket (or maybe urn), flowers, and a hearse. Some celebrities, however, choose to make a show for their funerals and wish to be famous down to the last moments of their lives.

There’s nothing wrong with a spectacular funeral (Knoxville TN) – after all, funerals are often used as an opportunity to give honor to the deceased. Perhaps some celebrities are just loved too much, and wouldn’t want to be forgotten.

Get to know these celebrities who lived big, and died bigger.

Tupac Shakur

FuneralTupac Shakur didn’t have a funeral. His mother initially planned a private ceremony but was cancelled the last minute. He was then cremated, and this is when things got weird: The Outlawz, Shakur’s crew, mixed his ashes with weed and smoked the mixture.

Today, a life-sized statue of Tupac and a “peace garden” that can be used for weddings are located near Atlanta.

Jimmy Dean

When Jimmy Dean, a country music legend and corndog inventor, died in June 2010, he provided specific instructions to be followed for his funeral. He lived until he was 81 so he had time, apparently, to plan his one-of-a-kind funeral.

He wanted to be buried in a piano-shaped mausoleum worth $350,000 that he bought years prior to his death. The said ‘piano’ stood on the banks of Virginia’s James River. The inscription on the piano must say, “Here lies one hell of a man.”

Jim Henson

Jim Henson died in May 1990, and five days after, a memorial service was held in New York’s Cathedral of St. John the Divine. Another memorial was held in July in London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral. The public can view both services.

Four years earlier, Henson gave instructions regarding the services. He didn’t want anyone to wear black, and he wanted a jazz band. Both memorial services had Bible readings and hymns. Both had Big Bird’s solo performance singing “Bein’ Green” and the Muppets’ performance of “Just One Person”. The service ended with the a marching band called the Dirty Dozen Brass Band played “When the Saints Go Marching In”.

Rudolph Valentino

Rudolph Valentino died at 31 years of age, and he had one of the biggest funerals ever seen by New York City. Around 100,000 people filled the streets where Valentino’s casket passed, and they were so hysteric that riots happened along the path. The funeral home got the services of four actors to mimic an honor guard that Benito Mussolini sent.

Valentino’s body was brought to Hollywood, and a second funeral was held. The funeral was complete with a small plane that made thousand rose petals rain over the procession.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana’s funeral, similar to her wedding, also gathered a massive audience. She was killed in 1997 in a car crash; a million mourners, or maybe more, stood along the streets of London to see the funeral procession. Millions of people worldwide also watched her funeral service, and has become one of history’s most watched television broadcasts.

Elton John even recreated a cover of “Candle in the Wind” and rewrote the lyrics dedicated in honor of Diana. During the cortege’s procession from Kensington Palace, the Tenor Bell was tolled every minute.

Celebrities love to put on a show, perform, and do everything that would please their audience. It’s just quite saddening to realize that these celebrities that people honor and watch are now inside their caskets. These celebrities have moved on and left this world, and left with a memory that forever will be etched on their loved ones’ minds.

Of course, there’s one important thing to be learned from these special farewells – it’s definitely wise to come up with plans for your own funeral (Knoxville TN) as early as possible. That way, you’ll have a funeral (Knoxville TN) that’s definitely meaningful, personal, and unique.

When people go to a funeral, you’d expect a casket (or maybe urn), flowers, and a hearse. Gentry Griffey provides all those services.

Challenge Coins in Contemporary Times

Military | Posted by Frank Smith
Jan 05 2015

Some people doubt the authenticity of the challenge coin’s traditions, origins, and purposes. Quite frankly, that’s okay. Knowing about its exact and properly documented significance in history would have been nice, but history is being made all the time, and if the traditions of military challenge coins didn’t exist as far back as fifty or a hundred years ago, it wouldn’t matter very much because the fact remains: the traditions exists NOW.

They say numbers don’t lie and, though photo editing software have tried their hardest, neither do pictures. If multiple photographs that captured “secret handshakes” involving a challenge coin, a deserving individual, and the President of the country are to be believed, then the significance of these special coins (never mind the impact on history) could no longer be denied. In the contemporary context, giving challenge coins as recognition for deserving individuals is well-grounded in reality. It helps that this ritual (which is engaged in not only by the President, the Vice President, the various branches of the military, etc.) is always done in plain sight and could almost be considered as an open secret. It would take a serious cynic to not believe its authenticity.

Challenge coinsOne theory states that the military challenge coin’s allure stemmed from its rarity back in the days. Before the 1980s, for instance, very few in the Air Force (where it’s generally thought to have originated) had them. High ranking officials had been sparing in giving them away, so receiving one had truly been sought after by the units. It purportedly boosted morale, teamwork, loyalty, and revealing the challenge coins for others to see was a great source of pride. Now, even though it’s true that the coins are not so rare anymore, the old “allure” is largely unchanged because the rarity has successfully traded itself for tradition.

In fact, this custom of commemorating and individual’s service, commitment, and dedication was so powerful in later years that non-military and non-government entities have recently caught on. Presidents and Generals don’t hold monopoly over the coin minting industries after all, nor are they the only ones who are bound by honor to recognize the people who have served, protected, and assisted them.

Challenge coins are increasingly becoming more popular in corporate or business settings. Like the discerning Chiefs in the military, Bosses from far and wide don’t just acknowledge deserving subordinates with a smile and a nod anymore—they put out a hand in the manner of the “secret handshake” and the employee who had garnered special recognition would receive a surprise token in their palm. Some even forgo the whole secrecy and announce the recognition to all, reasoning correctly that everyone would know about it before lunch anyway.

Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors… more and more of them are recognizing the value of tokens like the relatively inexpensive challenge coins in boosting the workers’ drive, unity, and overall productivity. People like being made to feel valued, and they especially like being part of something unique and worthy to be proud of.

To add more importance to the coin, one can seek to increase its actual value by having them plated or else made entirely form gold or silver. These could then be presented as smaller steps or levels that employees could strive towards in between the odd pay raise or promotion. This method was modeled from the Olympic Games, where athletes win medals that have actual or corresponding monetary value. Owning a miniature “Olympic medal” could make anyone so proud and flattered that they’d much rather keep it for display rather than sell it. As with military challenge coins, contemporary coins could trump all because of their special significance.

Author Bio:

Challenge coins have a distinguished history, dating back at least to World War I. If you’re shopping for military coins, Challenge Coins 4 Less is your one-stop, no-hassle solution to all your custom coin needs!

Common HRCI Certified Programs Questions

Technology | Posted by Shawn Dorsey
Jan 03 2015

No HRCI Certified Programs is the same. After all, different companies have different structures, different visions and missions, and different kinds of products and services they offer. However, there are several questions that are applicable to many an HRCI Certified Programs being conducted all over the world. After all, employee retention is on the line.

“Do you feel good every time you come to work every morning?”

HRCI Certified ProgramsBesides the requisite breakfast, there are several factors that affect the mood of an employee, especially in the morning. The employee may get stuck in a traffic jam. The employee may learn that his close friend or relative was in an accident or died of some disease. The employee may have read or watched depressing news items when he or she first turns on the TV or browses online news sites. If the employee arrives at the office in a bad mood, there is a higher chance of that bad mood lingering throughout the day and affecting the employee’s drive and productivity.

“Do your superiors inspire you or at least treat you as a person?”

No one wants to work for a boss who is like a merciless taskmaster who treats his men as slaves. Both employees and superiors must remember that positive reinforcement is a must at the workplace. Employees are human, after all; and they have their limits. While positive reinforcement is good, a superior should never spoil especially one favored employee to avoid jealousy.

“Do you feel confident about declaring to others where you work?”

Good publicity is the best policy here. If the company and its superiors treat the employees well, people outside their company will eventually learn how awesome the company is. This good publicity will lead to the following things: they will recommend that company to fresh graduates, they will think about doing business or establishing partnerships and joint ventures with that company, and the morale of the employees will be boosted since the people are confident in what the company is doing.

“Do you have enough materials, tools, and equipment to do your job well?”

An ample amount of supplies and a business-compliant computer for office workers, regularly-maintained machinery for factory workers, and a working set of tools for manual laborers – it should be no question that the company must provide enough supplies for employees to perform their tasks. Of course, employee theft may happen if the employee is given an excess set of consumable supplies and he or she is therefore tempted to take them home.

“Do your opinions that may shape the decisions being made that affect all personnel count?”

There is a reason why labor unions exist: they serve as the voice of ordinary workers to improve their working conditions. And even if an employee does not belong to a union, he or she still must have a say on anything that will affect the company’s operations. Even a tiny voice can be a huge catalyst for change.

“Do you know what is expected of you that will contribute to the company’s goals?”

The superiors must clearly delineate the roles of every employee in every department, especially corporate fresh meat. If the employees still do not know what they are doing even after their orientation, productivity will be affected. In a nutshell, the superiors must be like shepherds.

“Are you valued and given recognition and praise for the work you do?”

This question in an HRCI Certified Programs is usually manifested in the form of the “employee of the month” contest. And even without that contest, a simple pat on the back or a short yet rousing speech from the boss is enough for an employee to know that he or she is valued, recognized, and praised for his or her good work. This will be reflected in the HRCI Certified Programs that will be filled at some later point.

Author Bio:HRCI Certified Programs and modules can be applied as standalone offerings or in combination with your existing leadership development program.